Tuesday, March 10, 2009

CD DVD drive driver installation error 39 fix

by Sushma Verma comments

Today when I was trying to fix up my brother's IBM ThinkPad, I finally decided to give it a reinstall of Win XP as that will take less time than fixing it up. But then CD drive was not being detected. A quick check in Device Manager shows that Device Drivers are corrupted and I was unable to install them (Gave an error code 39). So I googled around & found a pretty easy solution which I am going to share with you and also will come back here incase I need it again in the future.

You just need to fix that error.
Create a .reg file with the following contents







Just double click to open this registry file. It will ask for a confirmation if you really want to add the entries into the registry and there you go. Give it a restart and your drive will no show up and work fine.
Thanks to the source.