Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Game Review - Little Fighter 2

by Sushma Verma 1 comments

This game was launched in 1999 & its still surviving out there!
So it definitely deserves a try! What you people say? This made me to write a short review on the game.

This little game offers 2D graphics but the special effects cover that up.
This game is probably the best 2D fighting game available.
The most addictive feature of the game is the different modes, you have a choice of 1 on 1 fight or a team match or even battle mode with armies.
It also features Stage Mode and can be played with others on network(multi-player).
Every Character is unique in itself having their own unique attacks,different range, damage & ability.
The game is open-source so you can tweak this game anyway you want.

Its a nice little game, very addictive.
Its free.
Can be played as multi-player on network

Runs in a window mode (No Full Screen mode)
Takes a bit time to load
Cheezy graphics

The game setup has a size of ~ 12MB.
A LF2 character guide is also available for learning everything LF2, including all the stage modes, special moves, weapons and tactics.
The zipped guide has a size of < 1MB.
Official Website

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Anonymous said...

quote: "The game is open-source"
no, it's not