Friday, May 25, 2007

Website Review - Copyscape

by Sushma Verma 2 comments

Writing an article for a blog or a web-site is not an easy task. Either I need to do a little research on the topic or I must be familiar with the topic of which a review is to be written. But some people opt for a "Short Cut way", they just copy-paste content from other's pages to their own. This is called Plagiarism. For me, you can do that as long as you mention the source, from where you get the article. So, if someone has copied your content, how can you know about it?

I just became a victim of Plagiarism yesterday. Two guys copied my registry tweak and posted it on other forums without mentioning the source. This annoyed me and made me to introduce you to COPYSCAPE - Website Plagiarism Search.

It is a free search engine that allow you to search your article that have been copied by other writers. It offers two account of search, FREE account and PREMIUM account. For free account, you can do up to 20 search a month and fetch up to 10 results of your search while for premium account, you can do more.

You can use Copyscape to protect your corporate website, online publication, blog, marketing materials, or any other online materials which are valuable to you.

The free Copyscape service is very easy to use. Simply enter your web address and Copyscape will instantly scan the entire Web for copies of your content. Copyscape shows you the top results for your search, and you can also click on a result to see a word-by-word comparison with the content on your site. Defend your site with a plagiarism warning banner!
For details, please visit this site : COPYSCAPE

  • Ease of Access - Very Easy
  • Ease of Navigation - Very Easy
  • Content - Enough on user rights, detecting & preventing Plagiarism
  • Connection Speed - Fast (even on my 64Kbps connection)
  • Design - Simple
  • Down time - Almost Nil

Comments 2 comments
Sushma Verma said...

I was annoyed of Plagiarism!
Was in search of something like this!

Shankar Ganesh said...

this is a really good site.. loved the concept!