Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Firefox Add-ons

by Sushma Verma 8 comments

Here I have mentioned four Add-ons that enhance your firefox experience!
If you are a Adsense member, download lots of stuff and want to make the firefox work faster at your commands, then no doubt, you are at the right place!

Wanna download video from youtube?
or saw a flash content, need to download it but don't know your way around?
Firefox Extension Video Downloader comes to help. It allows you to download videos from youtube, google, ifilm and other 60+ video sites and all other embedded objects on a webpage such as mp3, movies, flash animation etc.
It integrates in the status bar on the right. Whenever you wish to download any embedded object, click on the icon and it will give you a direct download link which you can use right away for download!
Get it here!

How about having a Firefox Add On that keeps you notified with your adsense earnings? Adsense Notifier is what you need!
It displays your adsense earning in the status bar on the right. You can select from clicks, impressions, CTR, CPM and earnings to display and set a time in minutes between updates.
Get it here!

Now what you say about a Mass Downloader?
Down Them All! is what I mean!
It integrates into firefox so nicely that you don't need anything else for your download needs from now on! You have the option of fetching all links from a page and then filter them according to their extensions and add them to the DTA manager where you downloads add up in a list. Here is a screenshot of what DTA manager looks like!
Get it here!

Speed Dial your website! Yes, it really does with websites that your cell phone does with mobile numbers! You can assign 9 websites at a time! Whenever you opens a new tab, this is what you are greeted with.

Just click on the cell or optionally you can choose to load it with "Ctrl + No. assigned". For Eg: If you have set tech4sure with a Key 9, then pressing "Ctrl + 9" will take you to tech4sure. A must have for browsers who frequently visit selective websites for fast browsing. Get it here!

UPDATE: 50 Best Firefox Extensions for Power Surfing

Comments 8 comments
micu said...

I really prefer mozilla to IE

Ashish Saini a.k.a. Ashfame said...

Welcome micu!
Yeah Mozilla rocks!!
But I am eagerly waiting for the new version in which its memory issue will be fixed!

CoOl_PrAbHaT said...

hummm Speed Dial in Firefox ...copied stuff .Opera was first to introduce speed dial btw FF is better than IE but Opera is best of all

Ashish Saini a.k.a. Ashfame said...

@ cool_prabhat
I was not knowing that Opera has it too!
Well I switched to FF from Opera last year. Cant remember the reason but for now I only know that I am addicted to FF.

Shankar Ganesh said...

i believe DTA is one of the best extensions made for FF. Can't manage my downloads without it :)

Ashish Saini a.k.a. Ashfame said...

Its also one of ma fav extensions!

Milind said...

Firefox is much better than Opera. Opera has got too many unnecessary features out of the box. With firefox extensions, one can make it just right...

Wonder what safari is going to be like though...

Ashish Saini a.k.a. Ashfame said...

Yeah milind, you are right!
Lets wait and watch what safari has to offer.

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