Sunday, June 17, 2007

How to respond against Plagiarism

by Sushma Verma 10 comments

This is my second post regarding Plagiarism!! First post was a review of a online service Copyscape that let you check copies of your page on the Web.
This time a DUMB blogger named Gaurab has copied my content here.
He just has four posts and all are stolen from my blog. He didn't even care to change the name of my blog in the post matter.
I found following posts copied:
Save your Orkut account from getting hacked!!
Give your Feedback (I wonder how will my poll benefit him)
The Generator Blog
Pivot Stickfigure Animator
What you should do if your content gets stolen?
Read this step by step guide! Also consider reading this.
I am also following the above guide. Lets see what I can do about it.
Any suggestions, as always, are more than welcome!!

Update: Check this link too!

Comments 10 comments
sHiVanSh said...

is dis sum kinda joke or wat....???
we mst stop dis non-sense....dis is totally illegal, & concerned authories mst luk into dis matter, the guy should punishd or mst b kicked out, so dat it could set an example fr others...!!!

shyam_rocks said...

If someone copies a partial article or total article n then gives the Source link below the article.....then will it be called as Copied or Stolen ???

Ashish Saini a.k.a. Ashfame said...

Chill dude!
I told him to remove all the posts and he has done that

Welcome here!
Copyig partial article and giving link is welcome in blogosphere.
And I see no point of copying the whole article and then giving the link just for the sake of mentioning source. It is COPIED in such a case and if there is no link then it is STOLEN.

Ashish Saini a.k.a. Ashfame said...

Gaurab (da DUMB blogger) has decided to put ma posts back and challenged me to hack his blogger account!

Milind said...

Is this the same cretin who copied one of my tutorials? Cause I was searching for that URL....

Ashish Saini a.k.a. Ashfame said...

I think so!
His name was also Gaurab and the url was gaurabkol.blogspot.com
I think he has deleted that blog now.

Nirmal said...

Nice article.
I think this guy must be a beginer and may not be having any idea about content copy. :-)

Ashish Saini a.k.a. Ashfame said...

hi Nirmal!
This guy will soon realise what blogging is all about and what he is lacking in!

Shankar Ganesh said...

plagiarism - i hate it.thanks for those links. they'll be of good help sometime.

Ashish Saini a.k.a. Ashfame said...

You are welcome!

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