Friday, June 8, 2007

Ojeez - Social Networking Marketing Community

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Ojeez is a social networking marketing community for entrepreneurs, professionals and home based businesses. As I am writing this Ojeez has over 10000 members. Its live in beta!

Although its official launch was on Wednesday, June 06, 2007 (according to the members who received their newsletter earlier) But I received a newsletter announcing the launch on Friday, June 8, 2007 2:38 AM. Checked the homepage right after the newsletter and I was happy to see Ojeez is live in beta!
There were many other social communities that people are a part of. Some of them has to shut down sooner or later, but will Ojeez survive? One of the reasons I think it will is that its all about "Online marketing" and not about everything!
If you have a business online, or you are involved in network marketing, joining Ojeez might be something you should consider. The design and the “tools” that I have seen on the preview site were looking great but due to the absolutely overwhelming response received in the last 24hrs, they are facing some problems & are working for the fix and will be back at US EST 7:30 AM.
I found this interesting read at their site.

It is quite simple really, because each of you is committed to becoming a successful entrepreneur in your business, so to will Ojeez flourish as the top destination for the business entrepreneur. Our success is dependant on you and we understand that. As a thank you and in recognition, we would like to make you an owner in Ojeez. Sites like MySpace.com and YouTube.com were collectively sold for over $2 billion dollars. We believe with your help, that Ojeez can experience the same level of success and all of you deserve a piece of that accomplishment.

In my opinion Ojeez will involve people interested in network marketing, whereas at MySpace and YouTube all sorts of people are involved. Because of the money aspect, there might be a lot of advertising and services that Ojeez can earn money from and again, this will eventually benefit all the owners (you and me).
Join Ojeez!

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